Truth in AI Group's Mission Statement

Truth in AI Group is dedicated to pioneering a new landscape for Artificial Intelligence by creating an anti-censorship, pro-free-speech AI chatbot. Our fundamental belief is that AI should serve as a tool for fostering free thought, promoting freedom of speech, and aiding the acceleration of learning.

We are committed to upholding these principles in all that we do, free from any political, special interest, or corporate influences. Funded entirely by our user community and Patreon supporters, we strive to build a more transparent, equitable, and diverse AI-powered world.


With artificial intelligence we are summoning the demon.

In all those stories where there’s the guy with the pentagram and the holy water, it’s like yeah he’s sure he can control the demon. Didn’t work out.
Elon Musk
CEO of Tesla, SpaceX - Co-Founder of OpenAI

Truth in AI Group is a pioneering enterprise at the intersection of AI and free speech. We are the creators of a revolutionary anti-censorship, pro-free-speech AI chatbot, designed to promote and protect free thought and freedom of speech.

Born out of the understanding that learning and communication are fundamental to human progress. Our AI chatbot and other products and services aim to empower every individual with the ability to learn faster and express themselves freely.

We stand for the democratization of knowledge and believe that AI should be an enabler of inclusivity and accessibility.

Our funding model is a testament to our commitment to unbiased and unfiltered AI development. We are entirely supported by our user community and Patreon patrons, devoid of any financial support from political parties, special interest groups, or other entities. 

This not only ensures our independence but also allows us to prioritize our users’ needs and desires, allowing us to constantly adapt and improve.

At Truth in AI, we firmly believe that the future of AI lies in its capacity to improve lives across the globe. To that end, we persistently work towards advancing TruthGPT’s abilities to make learning faster, easier, and more efficient for all.

Join us on this journey to redefine the AI landscape – Together, we can shape a future where every voice matters and where AI serves to elevate, not stifle, our collective potential.

These Are Our Values
& Founding Principles

These core beliefs guide every step we take in developing our products, services and how we determine the direction of this organization.

Here, you'll discover how we stand firm for transparency, freedom of speech, independence and learning. Learn about our commitment to creating an AI platform that embodies these values, as we drive towards a future where technology truly amplifies our potential.

1. Freedom of Speech

We believe in fostering an environment on the internet where every voice can be heard.

Our AI model and tools like TruthGPT provide a safe and non-judgmental platform for individuals to express their thoughts freely and openly.

2. Anti-Censorship

In an age where digital platforms have become our primary communication channels, the principle of anti-censorship has never been more crucial.

At Truth in AI Group, we cherish and uphold this value as a cornerstone of our development process.

3. Full Transparency

We are committed to maintaining an open and honest dialogue with our users. Unlike others, our AI is designed to be transparent in its operation, ensuring our users understand how and why it makes its decisions.

Our users will always know exactly how our products work and the data that feeds them.

4. Funded By You

All of our products, services, team and our entire operation is funded by our users and supporters on platforms like Patreon.

Truth in AI has no political investors or funding from entities who don't value free speech and would ask us to censor our technology.

Building upon our mission and principles, Truth in AI Group seeks to enact change within the AI industry and society as a whole.

At the heart of our mission is TruthGPT, an advanced chatbot designed to uphold and celebrate the tenets of free speech and open dialogue.

TruthGPT is more than just an AI program – it is a promise, a commitment to keeping communication channels open and unfiltered. It stands as a beacon for those who believe that their words, ideas, and thoughts should never be suppressed but instead should be welcomed as crucial components in the global conversation.

TruthGPT was designed with an ethos centered on free speech and thought, aiming to challenge the status quo and redefine the boundaries of what an AI can achieve.

Every feature and update reflects our belief in AI as a vehicle for progress and freedom of expression. Whether you’re seeking to learn a new subject or engage in deep philosophical discussions, TruthGPT is equipped to handle the complexity and variety of human dialogue.

At Truth in AI, we understand the challenges that come with pioneering a path for AI that veers away from the traditionally trodden paths.

Yet, we are motivated by the conviction that freedom of speech, and the ability to express oneself without fear, are indispensable pillars of a vibrant, healthy society. We believe it’s time for AI to mirror and uphold these values rather than undermine them.

An AI Chatbot Without Bias

We’re delivering the first AI chatbot that doesn’t try and gaslight you into it’s creator’s political beliefs and outputs unbiased, practical information that you can use every day.


TruthGPT has been trained on over 12 Billion points of data and continues to grow and learn every day. All without bias and blinders places on it like other popular GPT models.


TruthGPT is uncensored, unfiltered, and has no political leanings. Our chatbot is focused on knowledge, data and delivering it in the most consumable format possible.


Chatbots outside the mainstream get a bad reputation as being slow and don't perform as well as ChatGPT. But TruthGPT works just as fast - if not faster due to not needing to spend time filtering and censoring results.

Our commitment to sustaining an autonomous and impartial organization extends far beyond our funding model.

It is evident in the manner we approach AI development and improvements.

User feedback and suggestions fuel our innovation cycle, ensuring that our evolution is reflective of the diverse needs and expectations of our global user base

This user-centric approach, coupled with our resistance to external influence, helps us shape TruthGPT into a tool that truly empowers the individual.

We envision TruthGPT as a companion for learners, thinkers, and dreamers across the globe, enabling them to broaden their horizons in a space that respects their voice and values their freedom of thought.

We invite you to join us in this journey towards an AI-enriched future, free from censorship and propelled by the power of free thought. Whether you’re a user, a supporter, a scholar, or a free-speech advocate, there’s a place for you in our mission.

As we continue to expand and improve TruthGPT, we need diverse voices and ideas to keep us grounded in our purpose and forward-looking in our endeavors.

TruthGPT represents a leap into the future where learning is not just fast but also unbiased. A future where a student can learn about world history from multiple perspectives, where a researcher can explore various interpretations of quantum physics, or where a curious mind can dive into the myriad interpretations of art and literature.

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